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“DERYA M.D.M San. and Tic. A.Ş” was established in 2016 with the brand “GLASSYMOULD®” to meet the mold equipment and spare parts needs of the worldwide tableware glass industry. We provide complete mould equipment and machine parts for various glass manufacturing processes and machinery (Press, Press&Blow, Spinning and T/T).

Our engineers and employees we work with have more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in mould and spare parts manufacturing. We offer quality, reasonable prices and delivery times to all our customers.

“DERYA MDM San. and Tic. / GLASSYMOULD®” is a global manufacturer of glass tableware moulds, equipment and mechanical machinery parts and exports directly to glass tableware manufacturers worldwide in America, Europe and Middle East. We also offer manufacturing services for the glass, automotive, electrical, agricultural and energy industries.

“DERYA MDM San. and Tic. / GLASSYMOULD®" produces Split Molds, Blow Molds, Block Molds, Spinning (Rotary) Molds, Mold Bases, Mold Adapter, Pistons, Piston Adapters, Piston Rings, Coolers, Bottom Plates, Rings, 4-6 Parts Neck Rings, Blank Molds, Inserts, Bottom Plate Holders, Vacuum Chucks(Heads), Burners, Polishing Indicators, Shapers, Valves, Graphite take-out Inserts, Graphite Pushers, Graphite Funnels, Funnel Holders, BOM Fire Polishing parts,

Blow Mold Holder(Hangers) Assembly, Press Mold Holder(Hangers) Assembly, Neck Ring Holder(Baskets) Assembly, Mold Holder Bases(Ports), Wear Parts, Hinge Pins, Bushings, Blank Holders, Blank Cams, Gob Delivery Equipment, Scoops , Troughs and Deflectors, Finished Castings, Semi-Finished Castings (GG25, GGG40, GGG50, GGG60, Bronze), Roll Forms, Flanges and many more special parts and molds...

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